I went to the gym! I pretty clearly need to get there earlier than I did, though, in order to do a workout that feels worthwhile to me. I only had about half an hour, and I generally need 45 minutes or a little more, I think. But! I went. Yay me!

It was very, very quiet. This gym has a year membership, so I’ll stay with it a year, but I’m not at all convinced I’ll re-sign-up. I admit, it’s nice to have equipment that’s in good shape, which this stuff all is, but — eh. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt like a gym was quite so anti-social as this place.

‘course, if I talk to Ted’s sensei’s wife, Robin, who apparently goes to that gym, and we can arrange to meet, perhaps it will seem less . . . sterile.

The freaking Anchorage bus system does not, in fact, use transfers. How *totally* lame is that? So it cost $2.50 to get home, for God’s sake. That, like, doubles the cost of the gym. If I’d been going to double the cost of the gym, I coulda gone to the Alaska Club, which is much more expensive but closer and would only require one bus ride to get home. Sheesh.

Bussing wasn’t bad, though. They were *very* prompt, but standing around in the cold for a total of something like 35 minutes for a total of about 6 minutes of bus riding really seems like lousy signal to noise. The nice thing is it turned out there’s a bus stop directly across the street from my condo complex, so there wasn’t a lot of walking at the end, but I think I coulda made it a significant portion of the way home in the twenty minutes I waited for the second bus.

I think I’m thawed enough to go shower, now. And man, I’m hungry.

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  1. If it takes 41 minutes to get to the gym by bus, but only 6 minutes of actual busriding, you can almost certainly walk it in less (and if you can’t, you need to walk more!). It sounds like walking would be a win even in winter (walking has got to be warmer than standing around).

    But then, I’m a big fan of walking. :)

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