I gymmed! Actually gymmed! Weight lifted and everything! It was kind of a short and not *terribly* exertionful workout, but since 1. I’m still coughing and 2. I haven’t done this in a long time and I didn’t want to make myself sick, mildly low-key is okay. Besides, I worked out hard enough to make my arms wibbly, so I think I did okay.

I’m feeling better, mentally, even if it’s 5 after 8 and I’ve been up 2 hours already. I woke up at 5. For some reason my own personal sleep patterns seem to feel that if I’m going to get up before, oh, about 8, that I ought to get up at 5. I didn’t get up then, but I did tell myself very firmly that I was going to have to get up at 6 even if I was very tired. Consequently I only sort of half slept for the next hour, but I *did* get up. Yay me!

Chantico didn’t chew anything up last night, although she did finish the job on my shoe when we went to dinner last night.

Tomorrow night: Star Trek Nemisis! Saturday night: Young Dubliners! Yay!

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