I regret to report that despite my noble efforts in going to the gym three times this week, I am still not thin.

I feel like Aragorn. Still not king.

» 10 minutes stationary bike (1 mileish)
» 75 crunches
» 36 reverse push-ups
» butterfly press, 16x12x3
» lat pull-downs, 40x12x3
» shoulder press, 25x12x3
» chest press, 20x12x3
» leg extensions, 40x12x3
» leg curls, 40x12x3
» hip ab/adductions, 65x12x3
» leg press, 120x12x3
» back extensions, 35x30x1
» tricep extensions, 20x12x3
» bicep curls, 20x12x3
» chicken-wing things, 20x12x3

miles to Rivendell: 285.5


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