gym blog: day three

So going to the gym on Friday was definitely a good move. Today, after yesterday’s 3rd gym session, I feel stiff but not really sore, whereas I’d have been crippled if I’d started all over again.

That said, I didn’t really cover myself with glory in yesterday’s session. My left knee (and obviously quads, because the knee bone connected to the etc) really is MUCH weaker than my left. I’ve obviously been compensating with my right leg ever since I fell off the sidewalk in Y2K and screwed up my left knee and back incredibly badly. Now that I’m aware of it I’m making an effort to make sure my left leg is pulling its weight (as it were) in the workouts, but there’s clearly some work to be done there.

Point is I dropped weight on the walking lunge on Friday because I couldn’t keep form with the heavier weight, and today I couldn’t even do half a set without actual pain. My left knee just won’t take it. So I’m going to ask for a different exercise. I see some leg extensions and curls in my future.

I also just collapsed trying to do the up-down plank thing. I’m allowed, if necessary, to use my knees to help try to get up and down, but I find collapsing more efficient. :) Anyway, IDK if I just gained five pounds over the weekend (I’ve been eating steadily since Thursday) and can’t handle my own body weight or if I was just having an incompetent day, but resistance-workout-wise, it was not the best workout.

OTOH my cardio improved visibly. I managed, with only a minor degree of difficulty, to get the machines set properly, and did 10 minutes on the frigging crosstrainer without quite dying. (I brought my own music and did most of it with my eyes closed, which I found helped.) The cycling was fine, and I remembered to put the resistance on the rowing machine up to 10, supposing it would slow me back down again. Except I cut another 15 seconds off my 1K time instead, so that was a sort of nice surprise.

(evidence of eating steadily since Thursday: I was out to lunch with my dad and sister on Thursday and ordered potato soup, “To make up for my plan to eat an entire pizza later today,” I said to my sister. “Um,” she said, “how does that make up for it…?”

Me: IDK but


Oh, also on a triumphant note, I’ve actually walked 10K+ steps every day for the past 7 days. And my shoes are on their last legs (as it were) and I’m feeling it in a not-good way, but I did it, and I’m pleased about that. :)