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    gym: week one

    As I said to the PT who fixes me when I do stupid things like cartwheels, “I started going to the gym this week!”

    “Yay!” she said.

    “I hurt myself right away!”

    “Oh,” she said. :)

    It wasn’t really an injury, per se. It’s just that my damn hip flexors are incredibly tight, and using the rowing machine made the left one go “what the actual fitzsimmons?” I worked it out with assiduous stretching over the next day, but also, y’know, in a fit of Not Being Stupid, didn’t row again last week.

    I did some feeble yoga, and a little dance barre stuff in the studio, and in an effort to not cripple myself with lactic acid, tried to be real careful about how much I lifted. Apparently it worked, because really the only thing that was sore at all was my pecs. I may have to be a little more vigorous this week. Or not. Right now just getting there is more than half the battle.

    The woman working the front desk this morning, who has only seen me once, last week, in the studio, said to me, “The studio is open for the next hour,” when I came in. I was kind of impressed, honestly, and then I went and did barre and floor exercises for most of the hour I had available. Next Monday I’ll bring my ballet shoes.

    S’all I got right now. *vrooms*

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    nano: halfway mark + gym, tv, & life

    I’m supposed to be at 45K on Project One for November. I’m at 29K and have to revise again, but after two days of grim effort I may actually have a plot now, which should help. :P Technically I guess I still really only need 4K a day to make goal by the end of the month, but IDK if I’ll get there.

    I haven’t gone back to Project Two yet. Project Three is underway in terms of layout. Waiting on the cover art for it, which is going to be AMAZING and I can’t wait to show it to you. (You all wanted a new CE Murphy book for the holidays, right?) I haven’t gotten any farther on Project Four, either, although I should do a bit more of it tonight, maybe. It’s kind of fun. Realistically I’m not going to get to Project Five this month, but that’s okay. REDEEMER, having been assigned Project number Six, will get delivered instead, and that’s…yeah. Very important.

    Meanwhile I still have a cold, or, I think, have a second one that landed right on top of the first, so in many ways the fact that I’m doing anything at all is admirable. I’ve even gone to the gym twice this week, although in both cases I did my “lie on the floor” workout, which I could obviously do at home but don’t. I guess the important part about going to the gym is there’s nothing else to do there but exercise, and also one vaguely supposes people might eye you, if you just lie on the floor for twenty minutes without moving. (I don’t actually think they do. I don’t think most people pay much attention to what other people are doing at the gym. But one might be able to use the idea of it for motivation.)

    The “lie on the floor” workout is actually a fairly decent little Pilates For People Who Aren’t Fit Enough To Do Beginner Pilates (aka Pilates For Weenies) that I’ve worked up. If I had any kind of video editing skills I might try to do a video of it for people, although that supposes anybody would want to use a tubby lady’s workout video instead of a slim fit lady’s workout video. (IDK, sometimes I think that’d be less depressing. Although I also suppose there are probably *many* exercise videos out there featuring women who are not slim and fit. I just haven’t looked for them.) Anyway. I’m tired.

    I love STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and am howling in agony over there being a mid-season break. It’s on Netflix! I’m not supposed to have to WAIT for it! I also love THE GIFTED, although I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes, I think. But it hit the ground running, and it has *BLINK*! And she’s PERFECT! *flails*! And I continue to love SUPERGIRL and I wish I was writing LEGENDS OF TOMORROW because I feel I could navigate the border between absurd and stupid better than they’re doing. It’s amazing how unimpressed I am with the bad guy featured thus far on THE FLASH, but I will be here until the end for Michael Emerson as !EvilFinch on ARROW because OMG!EVILFINCH. And I just started watching THE GOOD PLACE, which I have it on good authority will eventually be an incandescent spot in my life but which is so far merely cute and amusing.

    That was a lot of TV to report on. IDK what else I’ve got, in the general life department. I’m terrible at meditating. I read Carol Berg’s DUST & LIGHT / ASH & SILVER duology and they were amazing. Book two made me clutch my heart and gasp out loud in horror. It was very dramatic. :) I’ve got a GGK book that’s been on the shelf forever as my next should-read, but I always fall into a pit of despair when I read him because I can’t do what he does and so I try not to read his books while I’m actively writing (which is why I’m so far behind, sigh). Oh, and I picked up a SF thing that looked appealing and about 95% of it is, but it’s written in a deliberately noir way (which was part of the appeal) up to and including really kind of painful sexism, which I suspect is purposeful because it’s So Noir, but it’s also…I stopped reading it a few days ago and I don’t really think I’m going to pick it up again, so. *sigh*

    Anyway, time to study Irish now. (It’s going very badly indeed. :))

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    Daily Life

    i got nothin’. or too much.

    I keep doing things and not having time to blog about them. Or not thinking to. Or thinking to but deciding sleep is better. Or that making pear jam is better.

    (It turns out making pear jam is a GREAT idea.)

    yeah, so the thing is that I have, like, a ton of jam-making posts to do, except they’re all just pictures of jam in the process and that starts seeming boring and…anyway, I made crabapple jelly that’s perfectly gorgeous and I made…in fact I made 4 kinds of jam last Sunday. Pear, blackberry, peach, and crabapple. Jelly. I made crabapple jam the next morning. It’s very tasty.

    I made spiced pear jam from a friend’s recipe before that, and it’s GORGEOUS, omg. And we got a pressure cooker so I can make and preserve applesauce, which doesn’t keep well unless pressure cooked. And we’re having an Apple And Pear Picking Party (although I think it’ll be primarily apples by then, as most of the pears seem to be coming down) in mid-October but we have So Many Apples. Mmm. Applesauce, tho. And perhaps cider. Mmm.

    God, it’s nearly October. I have so much work to do. I wish I could give up sleep for 3 months and get caught up. Not that I’d get caught up, but I’d be closer.

    I…dang. What was I going to say. Something about work. Nope, dunno what. We watched s3 Killjoys and didn’t expect that ending. We each expected something different from each other but neither of us expected that. :) Went to American Made, which was pretty good although not nearly the comedy it was billed as. I’ve probably seen some other things too, although the television has not been on much at ALL lately so I might be wrong. We liked the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery althouogh I also do not like the thing that happened that many other people also did not like. The Klingons were fine, though. (In fact, it looked to me like every House was distinctive in feature style, which I thought was cool.)

    There was a long terrifying saga about my captain’s chair keyboard stopping working and the quest to fix it, but it’s fixed now and typing it all up seems like too much work. I’m really relieved it’s working now, though.

    I re-read THE BLUE SWORD, which, 34 years on from my first reading of it, remains one of my very favourite books. I will always wish there were more Damar books.

    I’ve gone to the gym a couple times this week. All my parts are tired.

    Yeah. That’s it. All and nothing. ♥

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    gym blog day four well sort of

    I WENT to the gym this morning. I barely caught the bus and I’d been thinking if I missed it I’d go for a good long Pokéhunt and get some new goggles because the ones I’ve been using are Indy’s and they’re not very comfortable but I can’t find mine, but I caught it so I was like: yay I will swim.

    Only I got to the gym and into my swimsuit and then remembered I had not brought my swim cap, which is required. And the only ones they have to buy are silicone and I don’t like them so I didn’t want to spend money on one AND I hadn’t worn my sports bra/workout t-shirt so you can see where this is leading.

    I did walk home instead of waiting for the bus, at least. It was a brisk 40 or so minute walk and I feel it should have netted me more step count than it did, but, well, it didn’t. Still, it was a good walk, and that’s something. (Devastatingly, Pokemon wouldn’t load so I did that WHOLE WALK and earned no candies. What’s even the point!?) And I did gym yesterday, I did an upper body workout that I’m feeling in my armpits today, so I did something right there. No gym tomorrow, tho, I have other stuff going on, but I should be back the day after.

    Also it turned out there are a LOT of blackberries along the road on one particular stretch of that walk home so I might take a couple hours this weekend to go pick.

    I have to go shower now because I am disgusting with the sweatiness.

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    back to the gym, day one

    I done dooed it. I went back to the gym. I dropped Indy at school and hurried for the bus and caught it and went and worked out and I’m glad I did. So there. :p

    I was in a pretty terrible mood, actually, when I got to the gym, because Indy had been obstreperous about breakfast and I thought I’d miss the bus and catching it didn’t really improve my mood.

    But there’s a punching bag in the gym’s dance studio, and there was nobody around to mock me, so I put on “Under Pressure” and punched the bag for four minutes, which was EXTREMELY, *EXTREMELY* satisfying and improved my mood considerably. And then I took a jump rope off the wall and gave that a shot, and I tell you, nobody with big boobs, even encased in a quite solid sports bra, should ever have to watch themselves jump rope in a mirror. I looked like a frickin’ elephant. But once I found a rope long enough it turned out I could do 30 seconds straight without quite dying, which was a bit more than I expected, especially since I’d fumbled through a minute of jumping with a shorter rope before.

    Did 10 minutes on the exercise bike and 6 minutes on the whizgig thing, the, uh, the rowing machine, and planned to do a quick hard upper body workout but got started and hit about 30 minutes of exercise total and went WOO I FEEL LIKE PUKING LET’S STOP NOW, so apparently a fairly all-out workout breaks me down at about the half hour mark. Which is okay, really, since I have 40 minutes max to work out and still be sure to catch the bus.

    Which I did, and found a meditation app to use on the ride home, although I didn’t find it fast enough to use it and I have to find some good guided meditations on it, but the fact that I managed that much on the first day of school seemed like a triumph, so yay me.

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