gym: week one

As I said to the PT who fixes me when I do stupid things like cartwheels, “I started going to the gym this week!” “Yay!” she said. “I hurt myself right away!” “Oh,” she said. :) It wasn’t really an injury, per se. It’s just that my damn hip flexors are incredibly tight, and using the rowing machine made the left one go “what the actual fitzsimmons?” I worked it out with assiduous stretching over the next day, but also, y’know, in a fit of Not Being Stupid, didn’t row…

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lazy lion at dublin zoo

nano: halfway mark + gym, tv, & life

I’m supposed to be at 45K on Project One for November. I’m at 29K and have to revise again, but after two days of grim effort I may actually have a plot now, which should help. :P Technically I guess I still really only need 4K a day to make goal by the end of the month, but IDK if I’ll get there. I haven’t gone back to Project Two yet. Project Three is underway in terms of layout. Waiting on the cover art for it, which is going to…

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crabapple jelly & jam, blackberry jam / apple jam & jelly, strawberry jam, raspberry jam

i got nothin’. or too much.

I keep doing things and not having time to blog about them. Or not thinking to. Or thinking to but deciding sleep is better. Or that making pear jam is better. (It turns out making pear jam is a GREAT idea.) yeah, so the thing is that I have, like, a ton of jam-making posts to do, except they’re all just pictures of jam in the process and that starts seeming boring and…anyway, I made crabapple jelly that’s perfectly gorgeous and I made…in fact I made 4 kinds of jam…

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gym blog day four well sort of

I WENT to the gym this morning. I barely caught the bus and I’d been thinking if I missed it I’d go for a good long Pokéhunt and get some new goggles because the ones I’ve been using are Indy’s and they’re not very comfortable but I can’t find mine, but I caught it so I was like: yay I will swim. Only I got to the gym and into my swimsuit and then remembered I had not brought my swim cap, which is required. And the only ones they…

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back to the gym, day one

I done dooed it. I went back to the gym. I dropped Indy at school and hurried for the bus and caught it and went and worked out and I’m glad I did. So there. :p I was in a pretty terrible mood, actually, when I got to the gym, because Indy had been obstreperous about breakfast and I thought I’d miss the bus and catching it didn’t really improve my mood. But there’s a punching bag in the gym’s dance studio, and there was nobody around to mock me,…

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