i got nothin’. or too much.

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I keep doing things and not having time to blog about them. Or not thinking to. Or thinking to but deciding sleep is better. Or that making pear jam is better.

(It turns out making pear jam is a GREAT idea.)

yeah, so the thing is that I have, like, a ton of jam-making posts to do, except they’re all just pictures of jam in the process and that starts seeming boring and…anyway, I made crabapple jelly that’s perfectly gorgeous and I made…in fact I made 4 kinds of jam last Sunday. Pear, blackberry, peach, and crabapple. Jelly. I made crabapple jam the next morning. It’s very tasty.

I made spiced pear jam from a friend’s recipe before that, and it’s GORGEOUS, omg. And we got a pressure cooker so I can make and preserve applesauce, which doesn’t keep well unless pressure cooked. And we’re having an Apple And Pear Picking Party (although I think it’ll be primarily apples by then, as most of the pears seem to be coming down) in mid-October but we have So Many Apples. Mmm. Applesauce, tho. And perhaps cider. Mmm.

God, it’s nearly October. I have so much work to do. I wish I could give up sleep for 3 months and get caught up. Not that I’d get caught up, but I’d be closer.

I…dang. What was I going to say. Something about work. Nope, dunno what. We watched s3 Killjoys and didn’t expect that ending. We each expected something different from each other but neither of us expected that. :) Went to American Made, which was pretty good although not nearly the comedy it was billed as. I’ve probably seen some other things too, although the television has not been on much at ALL lately so I might be wrong. We liked the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery althouogh I also do not like the thing that happened that many other people also did not like. The Klingons were fine, though. (In fact, it looked to me like every House was distinctive in feature style, which I thought was cool.)

There was a long terrifying saga about my captain’s chair keyboard stopping working and the quest to fix it, but it’s fixed now and typing it all up seems like too much work. I’m really relieved it’s working now, though.

I re-read THE BLUE SWORD, which, 34 years on from my first reading of it, remains one of my very favourite books. I will always wish there were more Damar books.

I’ve gone to the gym a couple times this week. All my parts are tired.

Yeah. That’s it. All and nothing. ♥

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3 thoughts on “i got nothin’. or too much.

  1. Love The Blue Sword! Now I shall have to go read it again as well.
    Are you going to start selling jam as a sideline?

  2. Now I am wanting recipes – crabapple jelly, then jam? Did you use the leftovers from the jelly? And spiced pear jam? Sounds delicious…

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