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The alarm went off at 6 this morning and pretty much totally failed to register in my consciousness. Ted said, “It’s six,” and for several minutes I really couldn’t figure out why he’d told me that. Then I remembered that meant I was supposed to get up and go to the gym. I thought, “Man, I’m tired, I don’t want to go to the gym.”

Then I thought, “I don’t want to weigh this much, either,” and so I got up and went to the gym.

  • 125 crunches
  • 12 lunges (I hate lunges)
  • floor work: leg lifts, hip & inner thigh, 3×12
  • floor work: leg lifts, quads, 3×12
  • floor work: leg lifts, hamstrings, 1×12
  • back extensions: 3x15x40#
  • dips: 1x10x85#
  • chin-ups: 1x10x85#
  • butterfly press: 3x15x40#
  • lateral pull-down: 3x15x40#
  • tricep extensions: 3x15x30#
  • bicep curls: 3x12x20#

And oh, oh, we went to Lilo & Stitch last night. It’s the best Disney cartoon since The Lion King, so you must go see it. There was lots of, like, emotional investment and stuff. I really really liked it a lot!

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