gymmed! wroted! read!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, overall. I actually *did* go to the gym, made myself sort of sick by biking too much, I guess (5 miles), and am mildly sore so I guess I did ok with the upper body weights. Came home after that and read for three hours, and I don’t know if I’m just not used to reading that much anymore or if I was actually quite tired and stayed up reading too late, but boy were my eyes burning with exhaustion by the time I put the book down.

I didn’t exactly leap out of bed this morning, but I managed to get up and write 600 words, which is better than nothing, on TQB. That puts me at something like, um. 22K for the book. Only another 128K or so to go!

…yeeeeaaaaah. I think I won’t do that again for a while. *laugh*

Food now. Starving! Meow! Meow! MEOW!

ytd wordcount: 77,100
ytd miles biked: 12

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