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It is my hope to swim this evening. We’ll see what else happens, but it is my hope to swim.

I’m going to join the Masters’ team at APU. They swim mornings on MWF, so I may, to keep myself in schedule, swim TR mornings at UAA. Which would make my UAA alumni gym membership still useful, which would be pleasing to me. I wish I knew where to find ice skates for wide feet. I’d like to be able to skate at UAA, too.

Having said that, I look on the net and find wide-width ice skates for $100 or so. Ouch. But if I ordered them *right* *now* I could get some outdoors skating down on the lagoon done before it melts…

But $100. Ouch. Maybe I’ll discuss the matter with Ted. I used to really love ice skating. Not that I was any good at doing anything other than going around in circles (I never even managed to learn to skate backwards), but I really liked it!

Fuss fuss fuss!

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