Angie says she can see the comments on NS4 now, which means all the problematic pages should now be fixed. Hah. *beam*

I am Ms. Dehydration Lass today. I’ve drunk … I think this is my 8th 8oz cup of water, plus 8oz of juice and 16oz of milk today, and I’m *still* dehydrated. The skin at the corner of my left eye is red and salty and painful, which I think must be due to dehydration; I sort of wish I could lick it, because that seems like the sort of thing that would make it feel better. Except of course it wouldn’t, but, er, right. This is probably the same kind of mental placement that makes me convinced that when I get a gassy tummy, that the obvious thing to do is stick a hypodermic needle in and draw the pain out. Which you really didn’t want to know. It’s probably as well I didn’t live in an era when trepanation was a relatively common practice, or I’d have grown up to be a trepaner. _Any_way. Last night and the night before my eyes were coated in sleep. Not very darned much liquid in my tears right now.

There’s a Saturday writeup at on your left now. Hm. Should that be linked to the actual entry? Opinions? Anyone? Anyone?

I hafta pee. ‘scuze me.

3 thoughts on “hah

  1. Heeheehee! I should hope, after all that liquid, that you have to pee. if you didn’t, I’d be truly concerned.

  2. You know, re. the needle, that’s exactly the feeling I get too! Seems so logical at the time…

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