*HAH*!! I have had a moment of Great Triumph over the evil that is Word! I have figured out how to make its default setting (normal) automagically double-spaced! I’ve been trying to figure this out for YEAAAAAAARS. Today, in a fit of something or other, I actually looked at the help files. :)

I know you’re all dying to know how to do this, so I’m going to tell you. Go into Format. Choose Style. Highlight Normal. Click Modify. Click Format. Choose Paragraph. Choose Double under line spacing. Click OK. Check Add to template. Click ok. Click Apply, then close.


6 thoughts on “*HAH*!

  1. Yay! The evil empire has fallen!!!

    Do you know, by any chance, how to make it stop autoformatting everything into a numbered list if you dare to put a number followed by a period at the beginning of a sentence?


  2. You can stop all kinds of auto formatting by going to Tools menu. Choose AutoCorrect. Click the “AutoFormat As You Type” tab. In the top section, right hand side, uncheck Automatic numbered lists.

    You can also delete some of the more annoying AutoCorrect Misspellings (if you want) or add things you know you misspell frequently on the AutoCorrect tab.

  3. Thanks, Jai! That’s been irritating me an awful lot of late… Farewell, evil Word feature!

  4. Word is evil, but ugh, it sucks to not have it! Or, more accurately, it sucks to have Word That Doesn’t Work. (Maybe I should see if I can find an old copy of Works.. oo!) The ding-blasted thing blue screens and then kills EVERY other open program, forcing me to reboot. Every time it’s open. :P I’ve reinstalled Office, done a virus scan, and defragged. Yeehaw. So I’m using this nifty donation-ware thing called Rough Draft, which is swell and all (it does word counts!), but it doesn’t read .doc’s. WordPad /does/ read .doc’s, but it’s a pain to have half a dozen copies of the same program open!

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