hair fix #3

Going in this afternoon to try for the third time to get my hair fixed. I swear if there’s even the slightest hitch I’m getting it cut off.

Tammy apparently scored a Rogue X3 poster for me while she was at Balticon last weekend. I have excellent friends. *beam*

is burning through season one of La Femme Nikita at an outrageous rate, and making me cackle with delight. I warned her about eight million times that the first several episodes aren’t any good at all, and then there’s a sudden paradigm shift. She started emailing with the paradigm shift episodes, and by the 8th one–which is where Ted and I realized that hey, maybe they’ve actually gotten their shit together!–her email began with AUGH AUGH AUGH! This is very satisfying. :)

‘k, time to walk to the twain station.


  1. anonymous

    Not only have I scored one, it is in a mailing tube, on my dining room table, and will be at my posty office TODAY so you will soon be able to *beam* at the rogueishness! Hope you like it!


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