happy day

“I love you, Mama,” Young Indiana said as we ate lunch, and then leaned over. I leaned over to kiss him and he said, “Ah ah ah! I will do it!” and kissed my cheek.

Pretty hard to be anything other than happy when you’ve got that kind of sweetie boy. :)

Beyond that, however, I’m pleased to report that the agent likes the PADYA proposal, and while we haven’t decided our plan of attack yet, I’m exceedingly glad he likes it and am really looking forward to figuring out how we’ll get it out there. So that’s exciting!

Yesterday I unlocked the Herringbone Braid achievement:
which is a big deal for me, as hair is not one of my natural skills. It only took 45 minutes and 3 tries. :)

Also, my sister took Young Indy away for a few hours yesterday afternoon, allowing me to get started on writing descriptions and detail-work on the Regency. It’s ridiculously slow going right now because it’s all research and learning, so I only added about 100 words in 2 hours. @.@ But I learned some wonderful things, like in the Regency era there were men who wore leggings so tightly they left nothing to the imagination and were referred to as inexpressibles, which I just love. :)

I had ambitions of Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch postings, but I, er, failed. Maybe I’ll get that going next week. :)

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