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    picture post: blue hair & disney & birthdays, oh my

    I’ve been threatening for many years to dye my hair blue. Last week I picked up a bottle of temporary hair dye. I had hopes it would stick mostly to the grey, of which I have plenty:

    although I had been totally unable to find anything on the internet which suggested it might. After some dithering, I applied it:

    i think it's a good look

    To my delight, it in fact did a pretty damn fine job of sticking to the grey without blueing the rest of it up much:

    Also to my delight and relief, it does appear to be temporary. Two washes and it’s almost gone (it’s supposed to last 7-12, but I’d rather have it gone faster than not at all). I don’t know what my long term plans are for it, but it was interesting to try and kind of a neat little effect for a couple of days.

    Unrelatedly, I popped by the Disney store in Dublin while birthday shopping for my husband and found that their Black Panther figurine set features THREE WOMEN!!!!!

    I may have made a noise normally only audible to dogs. Or, in this case, perhaps cats.

    They also had individual T’Challa and Shuri figures:

    *screams gleefully*

    We had a small but pleasant birthday for Ted, in which German chocolate cake and Marvel figures featured heavily, and I began knitting a scarf I owe someone.

    I did not own a cat, the last time I knitted something….

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    Nephew: Excuse me? I have an important question. How powerful is Captain Britain? Could he beat Superman?

    Me, having already described the “the one who serves the story best” aspect of this kind of question and delighted to be asked: I *believe* CB’s power is drawn from the spirit of the British people, so potentially yes but probably only under certain circumstances.

    Nephew: Right, great, okay. How about Captain Britain against Juggernaut?

    Me: They’d go toe to toe.

    Nephew departs, totally happy ♥ :)

    I made Blackberry Pi on Monday, in celebration of Pi Day. It set up *perfectly* and is a wonderful blend of tart and smooth. SO NUMMY!

    This morning I made Lazy Baker’s Cinnamon Rolls, which is to say, I used storebought puff pastry for the dough. I thought they were rather wonderful, although the other people in the house thought the regular ones with homemade dough are better. Ted, however, conceded that this was a lot *easier*. :)

    Last summer I said, for some reason, that I had quite a lot of grey hair at my temples. Dad, to whom I was speaking, said, “Nah, that’s just the sunlight hitting it,” then leaned forward for a better look and was like, “…oh, no, wow, you’re right, you really do…”
    It’s possible I should stop bleaching my hair for the movie-style Rogue stripe and go with Classic Rogue, streaked at the temples, since that’s what my hair is doing anyway. Although it *does* have a movie-style streak of white. It’s just that it’s in the middle of my head–you can see it in the part, in this picture–rather than at the front. You had ONE JOB, hair…!

    “Mmmm,” Indy said, breathing in the scent of the new book, “it smells like fresh ink!”

    And last, because the above was clearly not enough pictures, I’ve done another couple pages in the Elfquest coloring book, and the second page of the graphic novel ‘coloring book’. The latter is actually really satisfying because I can do a panel and feel like I’ve Accomplished Something, but the color on all of these is particularly bad because I just took photos instead of trying to scan them in. The originals are prettier. :)

    This was a lot of purple. It really doesn’t look like it, it looks more heavily green here, but it’s a *lot* of purple.

    I did this all in one day, of which I am disproportionately proud. Apparently I really am five. And the colors are so much nicer for real than in the photo, but oh well. Also, does anybody else worry about Savah and her skinny neck holding that giant gold plate on her head all the time, or is that just me…?

    I’m going to try to get to a convention with the Pinis sometime and get them to sign this thing. Even if I only have twelve pages done. :)

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    chd: my brain is trying to trick me

    I’m suffering from a bad case of compulsive hair disorder and my brain is trying to trick me. I just saw a woman (a Topshop model, actually, featured in the image on this post) with a good layered haircut, chin-length layers around the face and blunt-cut shoulder length layers for the rest. I thought, “That looks great, I could do that!”

    Except I hate layers on me. I have a great deal of hair, but it’s too straight: layers end up making it look thin and limp. (Yes, I know, that’s exactly what layers are supposed to avoid. It doesn’t work on me.) Every single time I have ever gotten a layered haircut, within the month I have returned to get it all cut off to the shortest layer length. My brain is trying to trick me.

    And EVEN THOUGH I KNOW my brain is trying to trick me, part of me is going, “But it was a really good cut! Maybe this time I’d like the layers!”

    Stupid, stupid brain. :p

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    Mental Health Day

    I asked for a Mental Health Day as a birthday present from my parents, and yesterday got to take advantage of it. They collected Young Indiana at about 9am, leaving me to sit quietly and finish reading my book without interruption (!).

    Book finished, I toddled into town and met a friend for lunch, which was great fun and involved a lot of laughter and probably too-loud voices. :) After that I got a 90 minute massage, after which I was going to have an eye exam but I decided focusing was too much work after that massage, and I spent the rest of the day in a state of blurry sleepies.

    I did, however, manage to stop by Chapters and pick up the two birthday books that had been ordered for me, and now I have to not read them right away. :) I was too tired to cook dinner (Young Indiana had woken up at 4am, and although he eventually went back to sleep, it was only for about 90 minutes, so I started out tired.), so we had a delicious repast of sandwiches, and I collapsed into bed at 10pm to sleep the sleep of the just until 8am, whereupon I had to get up and go doze on the couch for 90 minutes. OMG, I was tired.

    Also, over the course of the weekend I had four or five inches of hair cut off, and redyed and re-striped what remained (which is a lot; it was down to the small of my back).


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    happy day

    “I love you, Mama,” Young Indiana said as we ate lunch, and then leaned over. I leaned over to kiss him and he said, “Ah ah ah! I will do it!” and kissed my cheek.

    Pretty hard to be anything other than happy when you’ve got that kind of sweetie boy. :)

    Beyond that, however, I’m pleased to report that the agent likes the PADYA proposal, and while we haven’t decided our plan of attack yet, I’m exceedingly glad he likes it and am really looking forward to figuring out how we’ll get it out there. So that’s exciting!

    Yesterday I unlocked the Herringbone Braid achievement:
    which is a big deal for me, as hair is not one of my natural skills. It only took 45 minutes and 3 tries. :)

    Also, my sister took Young Indy away for a few hours yesterday afternoon, allowing me to get started on writing descriptions and detail-work on the Regency. It’s ridiculously slow going right now because it’s all research and learning, so I only added about 100 words in 2 hours. @.@ But I learned some wonderful things, like in the Regency era there were men who wore leggings so tightly they left nothing to the imagination and were referred to as inexpressibles, which I just love. :)

    I had ambitions of Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch postings, but I, er, failed. Maybe I’ll get that going next week. :)

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