picture post: blue hair & disney & birthdays, oh my

I’ve been threatening for many years to dye my hair blue. Last week I picked up a bottle of temporary hair dye. I had hopes it would stick mostly to the grey, of which I have plenty:

although I had been totally unable to find anything on the internet which suggested it might. After some dithering, I applied it:

i think it's a good look

To my delight, it in fact did a pretty damn fine job of sticking to the grey without blueing the rest of it up much:

Also to my delight and relief, it does appear to be temporary. Two washes and it’s almost gone (it’s supposed to last 7-12, but I’d rather have it gone faster than not at all). I don’t know what my long term plans are for it, but it was interesting to try and kind of a neat little effect for a couple of days.

Unrelatedly, I popped by the Disney store in Dublin while birthday shopping for my husband and found that their Black Panther figurine set features THREE WOMEN!!!!!

I may have made a noise normally only audible to dogs. Or, in this case, perhaps cats.

They also had individual T’Challa and Shuri figures:

*screams gleefully*

We had a small but pleasant birthday for Ted, in which German chocolate cake and Marvel figures featured heavily, and I began knitting a scarf I owe someone.

I did not own a cat, the last time I knitted something….

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4 thoughts on “picture post: blue hair & disney & birthdays, oh my

  1. Since you now own a cat, you might need a yarn bowl. My sister just painted one at Crackpots (one of those paint our pottery stuff and we’ll fire it for you places). I haven’t heard yet if it helped protect the yarn successfully.

  2. Yarn bowls are not as successful as you might think in protecting from the furry clawed beasts if they are determined to harm the wool.

    Our Sofie likes to mess with the knitting too. I didn’t realize how spoilt I was that Bri ignored me all these years until we got her.

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