a small Aldi accident

For Reasons, once a week I am stuck in an Aldi for approximately 90 minutes. Aldi, for those who are not familiar with it, is a German grocery chain that also carry Stuff. The Stuff changes twice a week, and covers a wide range of Possible Things You Never Knew You Needed, or sometimes, Things You Really Needed And Can Get Here At A Decent Quality And Fairly Affordable Price. Normally I’m fairly brave about this situation and do not come home with Stuff, but I had a small Aldi…

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picture post: blue hair & disney & birthdays, oh my

I’ve been threatening for many years to dye my hair blue. Last week I picked up a bottle of temporary hair dye. I had hopes it would stick mostly to the grey, of which I have plenty: although I had been totally unable to find anything on the internet which suggested it might. After some dithering, I applied it: To my delight, it in fact did a pretty damn fine job of sticking to the grey without blueing the rest of it up much: Also to my delight and relief,…

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half a scarf

I’ve been nearing the halfway point on this scarf for a while now, but I have no ability at all to judge how much yarn I have left with regards to how many rows I can expect to knit with it. The last 14 rows went like this: oh i probably have two rows worth of yarn left okay so maybe it’s four …six… all right i’ve done ten there’s definitely…a dropped stitch there… *fails utterly to fix it, rips out 3 rows* okay well so at least i know…

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cowls & scarfs

I cast off on Indy’s scarf-not-a-scarf-way-too-short-totally-a-cowl-that’s-what-i-meant-it-to-be last week and today nerved myself up to try stitching it together to see if it would make a cowl or if I in fact had to tear the whole thing out and do it again. So I stopped halfway up the seam to see if it would fit over Indy’s head, and he loved it that way: So I’ve declared it done. O.O :) I started a scarf for me. (This will actually be a scarf, I have enough yarn.) The point of…

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I cast on!

I cast on! I cast on! I don’t know what to do next, but I cast on! (I’ll figure out what to do next tomorrow. I felt casting on was sufficiently impressive for one day. It only took three tries and watching a video 15 times. :)) I’m terribly proud of myself. :)