a bad haircut :(

me with a good haircut, bc no, i'm not going to take a picture of this one :p

I am currently growing my hair out in the sense of “I haven’t had it cut in six months and it was a pixie cut so that’s a lot of growing out,” rather than “I am deliberately growing my hair,” but it looked like, you know, like a pixie cut does after 6 months of not being cut, so Indy (who was in a similar situation but his hair was longer to begin with) and I went for haircuts yesterday.

And since it’s January and my FRICKING HELIX PIERCING is still not healed after 15 months so I can’t wear a hat, I thought I would not go back to the pixie cut in winter when my ears will get cold. I just wanted the back cleaned up and the sides evened up a tiny bit. Which she did, and it was fine until she “textured” it, which I, having strongly expressed no layers and having said I didn’t like much texturing, agreed to a little bit of.

“A little bit” to me is, you know, like, a quarter of a damn inch, not AN ENTIRE INCH, which is what she cut. So now my very straight hair which has no particular body to it looks thin and lank which is what happens if you layer or texture my fucking hair, which is why I said no layers and only a little bit of texture.

And look, I actually ASKED WOMEN IN THIS TOWN who had short hair where they got their hair cut, I was really trying to get somebody who knew what they were doing, and the place I went, the woman who recommended it has a SMASHING cut, but her guy is the master stylist there and wasn’t taking new clients and I said I needed somebody who could do short hair and they said “Sally can” and then they rang yesterday and said Sally has been out sick all christmas but Peggy was available and would that be ok, and I said yeah, it’ll be fine, and I should have asked about short hair, I SHOULD have, but I didn’t, and now my hair is stupid. And even if I had they would have said she was great with short hair anyway.

The only reason my hair has body at all is there’s so MUCH of it. It’s very straight and not terribly coarse but there’s A LOT of it. The first time I got layers I was fucking horrified. I thought I’d look like Jennifer Garner (well, you know, within certain limitations which involve me looking nothing like Jennifer Garner). Instead I looked like a string mop somebody had been using for 28 years died on my head.

I think I’ll dye it blue or pink this weekend. I’ll still be unhappy with the cut, but at least it’ll be blue. :p


4 thoughts on “a bad haircut :(

  1. My sympathies. After years of longer hair, I recently switched to a much shorter style (one modelled by Morena Baccarin). Alas, the salon in my village has now twice left me with a cut I can only describe as 1960s schoolboy. The last one left me close to tears – the first time in 47 years I’ve been upset by a haircut.

    1. oh NO. Morena Baccarin’s short hair is SUCH a great cut and that’s *devastating*. I’m so sorry. Mine’s not nearly that disastrous. I’m SO sorry. :(

  2. I totally intended to dye my hair something unexpected over christmas but then I forgot.

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