happy geek :)

Evolution of a stripe:

Stage one: pin everything but the bleachy bits back unattractively; Stage two: Walrus tusks:

Stage three: wet head! and Stage four: Stripe!

Happy geek. :)

4 thoughts on “happy geek :)

  1. You need to be careful. You’re bordering on cute. By the way, for sheer irony: Anna Paquin is Rogue. Anna Paquin is a Kiwi. I’m a Kiwi. Therefore, I must be Rogue.

    I’m off to get the hairdye now.

  2. Nevermind my comment to you in … you ARE the Catie that I thought you were!

    I would be the Shannon of ex-IA fame and I’m very pleased that you’ve been found! ;-)

    Oh, and would be the Erica of ex-IA fame and would be the Joel of ex-IA fame and would be the Todd-let of ex-IA fame and and and… would be Raid Dave of ex-IA fame and…. okay, tha’s all for now.

    I think I want to create a new community… *grin*

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