We have signed the paperwork!

We have received a housewarming gift from the real estate agent! (Mixing bowls. 3 of ’em. 8 quart, 4.5 quart, and 2 quart. they match our kitchen!)

We have turned the goddamned heat on in the house!

Tomorrow, we will start moving in!

Which is to say, I’ll watch everybody do stuff and feel guilty because I’m a PATHETIC USELESS LUMP OF PAIN.

We decided we’re going to build a much *smaller* fence, so the dog has *some* room to romp. It’ll still cost a lot, but not quite more than we could ever hope to scrape together. Then next summer we’ll build a bigger fence. Stupid closing costs, anyway.

In other news on the pathetic useless lump of pain front, Dr. Woody will be back on Friday, which is surprising because he wasn’t suposed to be back until the 10th of October. However, he apparently developed a horrible sinus infection and couldn’t sing (he went to Australia with his country-western band to do a month-long circuit) and so he’s coming home early.

On one hand, that really sucks for Dr. Woody. OTOH, I’m really glad my chiro will be back.


4 thoughts on “HAUS!

  1. Congratulations on the HAUS!!! It’s too bad about the fence, but I bet Chanti will be happy of ANY chance to be outside where there’s a yard to dig up. She won’t *know* that you wanted to give her a big area, so she’ll be all pleased with what she has. Then you can tell her she can have a bigger space if she’s a very, very good puppy. :) Granted, I don’t think Chanti understands English or is capable of such reasoning, but it’s worth a try.

  2. Congratulations, house-owner Catie!! The best thing about owning a house is that you CAN build a smaller fence and then a bigger fence later because its YOUR HOUSE!!


  3. Yay! Haus! Yay!

    Nice of the sinus infection to make your doctor come back early. Maybe this time he can fix your back so it stops being bad. Maybe if he yells at it. Or gives it a time out or something.

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