We went to lunch today and bought a house. O.O

Well, we went to look at a ZLL over on Bridle Circle at lunch, and it was … fantastic. It’s almost 1400 square feet on an almost 6Ksf lot. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a VERY LARGE kitchen with LOTS of counter space, an actual _dining room area_ (which we haven’t had in a long time), a big ol’ living room with a fireplace at one end… nice light, a 2 car garage, and there’s a foot of dead space between ‘our’ wall and the neighbor’s wall, and a firebreak wall in the center of that, so there should be no noise from the neighbors.

Both times, I typed nightbers. Weird.

So we stared around at it, then we said, “Yeah, okay, we’ll buy this,” and an hour later Jill slapped a “sale pending” sign up on the realty sign outside, and … yow.

It’s all newly painted inside, and the carpets are nice, and the lot is BIG and we’ll have to put a fence up, and holy cow. HAUS.

I hope we get it. :)

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