Headachy. Too hot. Blah.

Brought the dog outside for a walk this morning, thought, “Wow, it’s warm! It must be 40 degrees!” Came in, booted up the computer, checked ADN’s webpage and lo, it was 40 degrees. I’m so cool. :)

We seem to have animals puking all over the place. One of them vomited on Annie’s bed. Yucko.

3 thoughts on “headache

  1. But did you work on US last night?

    YOu know, the reason your animals puke is that you feed them. (Except Shaun; he’s just hungover.)

  2. *snerk* no, no holes in the dog food bag. Surprisingly, perhaps, but no. But Annie does this weird thing where she takes a few pieces of dog food and brings them to next to where the people are, and eats there, so she leaves dogfoodbits that Zilli can eat. (It doesn’t matter if Lucy eats them. Lucy could eat a Mack truck without disturbing her digestion.)

    If I didn’t feed the animals, they would DIE! And that’d be no good. *snif* :(

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