Healed! The chiro says I’m healed! I am not to go for a run. O.O Dr. Woody said not to tell him if I did, and I said oh, he’d know, and he said, yeah, because I’d come in with a lump on my head from where Ted smacked me. :)

Anyway, he had me do several evaluation exercise and I could DO THEM ALL! Without it hurting! I was very pleased! Dr. Woody was very pleased! He said he’s been thinking about starting a circuit training thing a couple of nights a week for people with injuries like mine, and I thought I’d probably do that, although I wonder if it’d cost more if I did. Probably. Heh. However, he did give me a clean bill of health to start swimming and going to the gym again, although he said I should take it easy at first.

Um. We changed our address at the post office and we turned the keys in for the condo and … and maybe I’ll go take a bath or something. I’m horribly sleepy suddenly. Although I really should do some more work, which was my original plan after coming home.

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  1. Yay! You are healed! And look! You linked C. E. Murphy in! And McKellen.com. And stuff! yay!

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