On other topics, Garrett has some strange links to some strange things called SoulBonders, which, as far as I can tell, are writers desperately in need of justification for having voices in their heads. I have a very hard time grokking the need for justification. Perhaps this is one of the inevitable problems of being the center of the universe. :)

Chantico has taken to crapping on the kitchen floor again. I don’t know why. She’s now relegated to her kennel again unless somebody’s actively watching her. :(

Oh, I remember what I was going to be bitter about. I seem to have asthma. I find this to be incredibly distressing. It’s clearly allergy-induced asthma, because I only get wheezy in May and June when whatever it is that triggers my hay fever is around — and right now, because, I theorize, there are three cats in the house. :P I actually went and looked up how asthma works (on the newly redesigned ahealthyme.com, go me) because I had what seemed very much like an asthma attack yesterday morning. I yawned deeply and my breathing passage constricted and I became nauseated and had to curl up on my side and cough and breathe very carefully for several minutes. Then I took some Allegra, which made the problem go away.

I do not want to have asthma. I do not approve of having athma; it offends me. It apparently strikes me as a weakness to be excised from the system.

Anyway, I have a theory it’s weight related. Another very fine reason to lose five more pounds this month. :}

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  1. Is it my browser or did your blog just turn into black text on a dark blue background? Can’t quite make out the words without highlighting them.

  2. heh. what browser are you using? In theory, no, that’s not what just happened. It should be black text on a lavender background. thus far i’ve confirmed it works on Mozilla, IE, NS4.x (sort of. it’s hideous. upgrade.) and NS6. I don’t have Opera…

  3. Asthma sucks. Asthma sucks a lot. But sometimes you can scare it away (depending on why it’s there). One of the possible causes is fluid on the lungs – inhaled any drinks lately? That kind logically should clear up when the liquid is evicted, and seems to, in my case. (Champion drink inhaler, that’s me). Or if you just get stuck in a rut with it, there are steroidal inhalers that a nice doctor might give you, that you use regularly for a week or so that scare the crap out of it. And you need to go to the doctor because asthma is dangerous and you need Ventolin.

    Of course, it also makes a splendid motivation to lose weight. I had no idea there was a connection there, but sure, I’ll use it too! Go us!

  4. what’s ventolin? why do I need it? A doctor seems so .. overkill… Anyway, I don’t know that there’s a connection between this increased asthmatic thing and my weight, but it just seems … likely. self-diagnosis, anyone? ;)

  5. Hmm… I was just going to ask you how Chantico was doing with his crate training… If you haven’t read my journal, I’ve got a puppy, and when we were figureing out a name for him “chantico, chantico, chantico” kept going through my mind. It was strange ;)

    His name is Pip, btw

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