here, and stuff

Got 1200 brand shiny new words written on ch 11. I’m currently writing a phone conversation in which I’m only recording the protagonist’s side of the conversation. I suspect this should change, as it’s to be followed by a phone conversation in which we hear both sides of the conversation. Oh well. Broke 130K for the year today. Aiming for 150 by the end of the month although with revisions and more revisions and all, I don’t know. I’m sort of hoping I’ll be able to work on HoS in the mornings and US in the evenings, but I guess it’ll depend on how much panic and worry I’m feeling.

Lucy is being so cute I can hardly stand it. She’s discovered a Morning Sunbeam on the scanner and has plunked herself there. Despite the fact that I closed the blinds so I can see the computer screen, she hasn’t moved an inch from where the sunbeam *was*. :)

I hope everybody else is feeling more cheerful than I am. I’m just all :p.

ytd wordcount: 130,300

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