Amazon says COYOTE DREAMS is in stock!

First person to report sighting it in the wild can have a copy of HEART OF STONE sent to them when I get it (in October, I should think)! Or another of my books, if you want it, except not CARDINAL RULE, because I’m all out. :)

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19 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. Wow, already? I didn’t think we’d get that for another couple weeks yet. :) I’ll have to start keeping an eye out for it at Barney Nobles!

  2. I was pleased to see that Urban Shaman and Thunderbird Falls were both at Borders today, but no Coyote Dreams :(

    Will keep looking, though!

  3. I must say, while I thoroughly enjoy your books… the crap amazon is recommending to me based on the fact that I own and have rated them is making me go AAAAAAAAAUGH.

    Some of the book descriptions scream “I played on a WoD mush too long!”

  4. Bought it, read it, loved it. Books-a-Million always seems to put out the best books early. The ones in Georgia do at least.

  5. I can officially say I have a couple reserved at my local Barnes and Nobles and that they say it should be in ‘any day’.

  6. Yooooooooooou are first, then! Would you like a copy of HEART OF STONE when I get ’em? :)

  7. Um, if you’re talking about Calgary, Alberta [in Canada] how is that possible? I thought it wasn’t out for another 10 days or so… if I’m wrong, please tell me, because in 6 hours, I am done school and I wanna celebrate by reading something other than my textbooks and notes.

  8. Yes, that’s Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. :) It’s possible because the _official_ release date is May 1, but Luna actually puts books out on the Tuesday before the end of the month, so the date it’s most likely to actually show up in bookstores is April 24. However, many bookstores put books out when they get them, instead of waiting for the street date (unless you’re dealing with something like Harry Potter, in which case there are massive injunctions and stuff about books not being released early), so if the book arrives a few days early, then et voila, it turns up on the shelves!

    In other words, in 6 hours, go to the bookstore and check. :)

  9. Aha.. it finally showed up in my bookstore today. Not bad considering they got Jim Butcher’s latest book a week after the B&N noble just 15 minutes north of us.

    Of course they misshelved the book in the Romance section.. which was pretty silly because they do have others of your books in the Fantasy section.

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