hey, I was right

Hey, I was right. There /was/ a rejection letter in yesterday’s mail (from St. Martin’s, on Heart of Stone). It’s just that the mail got there very late, so I didn’t find it until this morning when I went out to put some bills in the mail.

Total form letter. Dear Sir/Madam. You know, if wanna-be authors sent Dear Sir/Madam letters to publishing houses, they’d get docked points for it.

OTOH, wanna-be authors don’t have to deal with five thousand unsolicited submissions a year.


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  1. dream

    A funny thing happened on the way to my web browser tonight. I was thinking of an old friend and came across a simple google search. In that search I found the most random blogger relating a story of the time they went to Anchorage for a production of the Nutcracker and saw an old friend from Kenai dancing in the production. The truly strange thing is, I don’t know this blogger, but I do know the dancer. His family moved to Los Angeles, that’s where we met. Barak has to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. Incredibly toned, muscular body. Great sense of humor, perfect dimples every time he smiled. He gave up dancing after Louisiana, too much politics involved. And if you are a male dancer and not gay, you can’t sleep with the director to get the best parts :) I think he is still here though it has been over ten years since I have seen him or his parents. Another link on the google search turned up a random guestbook signed by G. Barak Humphrey in 12/00. I know it was him cause his email is the name of his dog: digb1@pacbell.net Maybe you will find the strength to contact him. I couldn’t bear it. Anyway, enough out of me. But you asked if anyone knew, so you get all I know. Take care.

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