I have taken ‘ wife’s advice (and ‘s too, for that matter), based on the fact that she (niherlas’ wife, whose name I don’t know, hence the appellation) used to work at Del Rey and presumably knows whereof she speaks, and I have called the editor who has US to ask if she’s okay with multiple submissions.

However, she’s out of the office until ‘next’ Thursday. From her voice mail, I think that ‘next’ is the 6th, rather than the 13th, so I left her voice mail and hopefully I’ll hear from her Thursday or Friday. If not, I’ll give her another call Monday.

Now I’m dithering about whether I ought to respond to Anna’s email now and explain what’s up, or if I should wait to hear from the other house. Hm. I think I’ll probably email.

7 thoughts on “hm

  1. I could pretend to misunderstand your first sentence and delcare wide-eyed, “niherlas and shadowhwk share a wife?!?”

    But I shall refrain from such since you qualify it in the very next sentence. ;-)

  2. *LAUGH*! Damn! I didn’t even realize I did that! I was referring to the shared *advice*, not the shared *wife*!

  3. *snerk*

    Gender and sexual preference notwithstanding, there are just too many different ways to respond to that. Best to leave it alone. Give it a wide berth. And resist the temptation to poke it with a pointy stick.

  4. I finally got that wife I’ve been waiting for all along? YES! And without needing to write vapid love poetry. Who’s the man? Er, uh. Well, not me, but that’s beside the point.

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