I think the animals have just defeated me in a battle of wills, or something. The puppy (Shiitake, she sayd tentatively) was snorfling around her food dish looking pathetic and hungry, so I filled up her bowl. Doing this made Zilli come runrunrunning into the kitchen. Rather than deal with Zilli eating the dog’s food and then pooping icky poop all over the house, I filled the cats’ dish, too. Maybe, she said, pathetically hopeful, if they’re all free-range and have enough to eat, they won’t eat each other’s food . . . .

1 thought on “hmph

  1. Ha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Stop it, you’re killing me. :)

    *looks over at Jojo, who has just licked clean the cats’ dish*

    The cats are, of course, upstairs eating his food.

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