I need an idea for a new comic book that I can put together a few pages for for this contest and win. :) I mean, I’ve got the team for it, no question. But I’m too attached to Chance. While I know that most work in the comics industry is work for hire, I’m coming from the book industry and the idea of handing over my rights wholesale makes my head spin. So I need something I’m less emotionally attached to. Unfortunately, right now I got nothin’ and the contest closes at the end of May.



  1. mizkit

    Nope. Resubmitted because that’s what they say to do if you haven’t heard back after 2 months (it took moe more than 2 months to resubmit, but anyway), and aside from trying to finish revising this book, finding a new place to live, going on a mini-holiday to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and getting the house clean, my other big goal this week is to get Chance submitted to the other independent publishing houses.


  2. anonymous

    A homicide detective caught in the middle of a war between two powerful demons, he ends up gaining demonic abilities when one of the Demons feed him blood, he is almost turned evil until a priest who use to be a demon-hunting Vatican Knight tattos the Seal of Solomon on his back to help him get control over these abilities.

  3. drivingblind

    There appears to be an ‘Electric City, Washington’, population 1,000. Seeing as I was suggesting Electric City be a metropolis type thing in middle america, based around a giant hydroelectric dam, I think there’s little chance of getting the two confused. :)

  4. drivingblind

    So, I know what the opening scene is. It’s got to be done, because you’ve got to punch a particular concept in the eye.

    I’m up too late.

  5. mizkit

    I suspect I won’t hear back on the resubmit, either, to tell the truth. Very annoying, but there’s jack-all I can do about it, so it’s on to other pastures. :)

  6. tayefeth

    For all that they say that your concept must not have appeared in print before, the comic below the announcement looks exactly like any number of other superhero comics…

    As for ideas, how about a story about a girl and her dragon? I’m thinking about a travel-sized Chinese dragon, not an airplane-sized Pernese dragon, mind you. Urban fantasy, because you do it so well, so the dragon would have to hide itself (as a necklace?) when she goes out into the normal world. She needs a mission, doesn’t she… How about: terrorists have released evil dragons that are whispering evil thoughts into various world leaders’ ears, causing havoc and ruin. Only someone guided by a good dragon could possibly hunt down and banish the evil dragons…

  7. anonymous

    Oops I posted that message yesterday it said that it didnt go through but I was kind of realived because I wanted to write that novel,.- Tevans

  8. malkin

    I could give you the framework of my NaNo from two years ago, if you’d like. I’m probably never going to finish it. But you should contact me off-LJ, if you’re interested. Use my LJ name @

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