Well, Alaska Dance Theatre was very very disappointing. There was no one at the counter, and only a not-particularly-well-put-together schedule under plexiglass on the counter and no copies for people to take, and there are very few classes for adults at all and none of them are tap classes.

The fuckers.

So I’ll look in the Yellow Pages and call some places on Monday. There are a number of ballroom places (I’m actually looking in the Yellow Pages right now) and at least two or three studio sorts of places and at least one Irish dance school. One of them ought to turn something worthwhile up.

We went to Iron Monkey, which, to my relief, had subtitles, not dubs, hooray! And it was quite enjoyable. Except the $2 theatre has become the $3 theatre! I’m dismayed! Well, ok, it’s still at least $2 cheaper than going to even a matinee at one of the regular theatres (plus, locally owned!) but still. Hmph. :) Er, anyway, I liked the movie quite a bit.

Then we came home and I watched A Fish Called Wanda, and parts of The Fifth Element. I did no exercise today. Actually, I would have decided to go to the gym and swim this afternoon, except we drove around and looked at houses we couldn’t possibly afford to buy, which — ok, would have more appeal if we could in fact afford to buy them, but you get your jollies where you can.

I did, however, stop and buy some 10lb weights so I can do a liddle bit of weightlifting at home. And I bought some Bro-Darts (finally) so I could start putting them on our hardback books so the covers don’t get (more) thrashed. I even covered eight or so books, and then I smashed my head on one of the kitchen cabinet corners and lost my temper and didn’t do any more. But hey, small accomplishments, right?

Dad’s going to Ireland with Mom! Yaaay! I’m very glad of that; Mom really, really wanted Dad to go with her.

I have done some (quite a lot, actually, but there’s so much to do it’s hard to see how much I’ve done) re-arranging and fixing of lower pages so that they, for example, are all (for some ever-increasing value of ‘all’) PHP-template based (the nav bar, I have just discovered, is inexplicably buggered in Netscape 4; I’ve used tables, for crying out loud, so I don’t know what its major malfunction is, but I wish it’d get over it); I’ve done quite a bit of arranging on the photos pages (again with the there’s so much to do; practically all of the broken thumbnails ought to click through to an actual photograph, though, for what that’s worth) and, um, I did laundry today. Pretty busy day, for a Saturday!

And I’ve just remembered the, uh, fifth element, sorry, excuse me, not my fault, that I wanted to put on my navbar, so I’m going to go look for a graphic now and perhaps I’ll find one and add it before I go to bed.

Oh yeah, and I had applesauce for a dessert tonight instead of the lone Ghiradelli chocolate bar that’s left. Aren’t you proud of me? :)

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