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We have just returned from seeing the HHGTTG movie. Overall, I was really very happy with it. There’s lots straight from the books, and plenty of laugh-out-loud bits, and despite Marvin looking and sounding all wrong, he was actually quite perfect (unlike Zaphod, whose heads and third arm they really did screw up. For ease of filming, yeah yeah yeah I see why they did it, but eh, I would not have done Zaphod the way they did in many aspects. Nonetheless, I can’t say he wasn’t pretty Zaphod-like.) Arthur was wonderful, Trillian was blue-eyed, which was wrong, but otherwise she was great, and I don’t think they could’ve cast Ford better than they did. I really liked Mos Def in that role. So yeah. I went in expecting sheer disaster and came out really quite happy with it. It’s not X-Men level rockfulness, but I was happy with it. :)

But I was the only one in the theatre with a towel. That was a little disappointing. I mean, I know you can’t expect everyone to be a hoopy frood, but surely there must be one more person in Anchorage who is!

In other movie news, the Revenge of the Sith trailer rocked, and Ted grows ever-more hopeful about Batman Begins with each new trailer. I grow ever-more dubious, but hold out the small hope that I will be pleasantly surprised. :)

The high today was 71. In April. In Alaska. This is a record. The average high in Anchorage on April 29 is 49. Let’s hear it for global warming, man. :)

Tomorrow, heart walk with Jai! And eight thousand other people!

miles to Rauros Falls: 184.5

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