Man. I just got a little tiny, but meaningful, pop out of my neck. Whew.

Very chipper this morning. Was invited to join a Luna authors email list and have done so. Have looked around at web pages and determined it’s really a pity I’m such a complete wanker at working for myself as a web designer, because boy there’s a lot of bad design out there, and people are apparently *paying* for the bad design.

‘course that makes me go look at good web design and get all depressed. No wonder I don’t do it myself as a job. I mean, for myself, as opposed to for the company I work for.

Um. No brain! Posting now. :)

Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 372 (of 374! go Heather!)

1 thought on “*hophophop*

  1. I feel the same way, about some of the weak “design” people obviously pay for.

    On the other hand, I’d much rather have a steady paycheck than have to wrestle for clients. No clients, no food. :P

    I’m a coder anyway, and feel more comfortable making things work than making things pretty. (I’d like to learn some of the “pretty part, so feel free to suggest resources.)

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