hot diggity dog!

Awwroight. I rawk. 1804 words today. I yam luvin’ the world! Although really, I should learn to only post once a day about wordcount, instead of updating every twelve minutes. :)

Oh! I also took some pictures of the spiffy dishes! I’m really delighted with these dishes. *beam*

Chipper, happy Kit! 5 out of the 8 things on my list accomplished! And I’ll go swimming later, and bring a book with me for reading after. Hah! *dancie dancie dance*!

50K in 30 days count: 10,370 (10K! YEAH! Go me!)
ytd wordcount: 20,770 (20K! YEAH! Go me!)

2 thoughts on “hot diggity dog!

  1. Yay, writing! And those are indeed some mighty spiffy dishes! New dishes go well with new hauses.

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