hot hot hot

It’s hot hot hot out. Not that I should be complaining, since all my California friends are melting in hundred degree heat, but it’s darned hot here anyway! And actually, I’m not complaining, ’cause it’s goooooorgeous. Just hot!

I took hamburger out for dinner, but I’m thinking maybe we should find something that doesn’t require cooking to eat. :)

Hungry. Drinking enough water to make me pee every 20 minutes, but hungry none-the-less. A smattering of chocolate chips was yummy and sassisfied the sweet tooth, and even took an edge off the hungry for a little while, but not long enough.

Stupid work server keeps running out of memory. I have decided that when it does this, it’s clearly a Sign to go check lyfa. 20 users! Neat!

Gonna have to wait til 8pm again to go biking. Too hot otherwise! Hot hot hot!

Pretty cheerful me. Ooh, I want to go buy a yoga mat or something similar so I can do floor exercises not actually on the floor. Sweating on carpet, igh.

music: American Town, Five For Fighting

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  1. They (doctors, dietitians, people like that) say that eating an apple is good for hunger.

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