this house of plague

We have not been well, here at this house. We have in fact been sick as dogs. We may even have had the flu: there were certainly fevers and aches and headaches and general misery. I was impressed with how sick I was on Saturday, actually, and then poor Indiana and Ted were wiped out with it by Tuesday. I’m deeply grateful that I’d improved by then, as poor Young Indy was up most of Monday night. “Mama,” he said, “my head hurts. It’s like a bell in here.”

(Which I thought was pretty darn evocative, for a four year old… :))

I’ve just finished writing a nice little 5000 word short story that managed to come in at 9000 words. :) Finishing it pleases me to no end for a bunch of reasons. One, I’ve owed it to the commissioner for a while. Two, it’s a story I wouldn’t have thought of at all without his commission, and I like it, so that makes me happy. Three, it’s the 7th day of the year and I’ve finished something, which is great! :)

Next up is finishing MAGIC & MANNERS, which my Patreon patrons have been very patient about. About 50K left on that, I think, and then I have to do a quick (I hope o.O) revision on my nephew’s book and then onward toward REDEEMER! And nevermind the half-dozen side projects I’d like to jam in there around the edges… o.o :)

ytd wordcount: 5500

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