hrm. rivendell.

Hrm. If I walk 3 miles (ok, 3.09 miles) EVERY SINGLE DAY til Dec 17th, I will make it to Rivendell.

I need encouragement!

miles to Rivendell: 210.5

6 thoughts on “hrm. rivendell.

  1. Hey, if Frodo could do it, you can too! 3 miles, that’s just 1.5 miles before work and 1.5 miles after, right? 1.5 miles is hardly more than 2 km, which is just 1 km there and 1 km back again. Hardly any distance at all =)


    There, that’s 3 miles covered. Are you done yet?

  3. Go, Kit! Three miles a day isn’t that much to get to see gorgeous elves at the end, is it?

  4. Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah*0.09!

    You can walk the distance in time! Just keep thinking about how good you’ll feel getting out and walking and, as said, keep thinking of those Rivendell pretty boys at the end of the trail ;)

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