hrmph. :)

DINOCALYPSE is pushing NO DOMINION out of the top 5 most-funded fiction Kickstarter projects. I have the absurd, profoundly competitive urge to say OH NO YOU DON’T and run another Kickstarter. And I’m PART of Dinocalypse!

(Shutting up & going back to NO DOMINION revisions now. :))

*laughs helplessly* Ah, I see: Twitter is informing me this is the tack I should now be taking: “The way you pitch yourself is now this: “both of the Kickstarter projects I’ve written for cracked the top five.”

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1 thought on “hrmph. :)

  1. I’m twitching a little because my Kickstarter for Scheherazade’s Facade has five days to go, and I’m still dreaming of that last-minute rush that will let me crack the top five also. Not that we’re doing badly at all, but a guy can hope, right?

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