humoring jess :)

1. Reply to this post and I will write something random about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
4. I will tell you my first memory of you.
5. I will tell you what animal you remind you of.
6. I’ll then ask you something I’ve always wondered about you.
7. You are not obliged to pass this on. :)

(ETA: I make no promises about answering this past the first ten or so respondees. It’s harder than it looks!)


  1. mizkit

    1. “Something random about you.”

    (Ahem. ok. Got that out of the way. *laugh*)

    Miniskirts at forty below, man.

    2. Ballroom Blitz. Performed by Tia Carerre.

    3. As the stomach churns.

    4. …VHC, but specifically, no idea. Been too long!

    5. Ocelot. (Small, but fierce!)

    6. What’s the big picture for you?

  2. mizkit

    1. Butterflies have nothing on Marith colorsprays.

    2. “When I was a boy”

    3. Er. Um. WUM! (Ok, that’ll make sense to other people, but this one’s hard!)

    4. My first clear specific Marithmemory is hanging out at the Temple Square pool with you and Trip and Chrisber and others!

    5. It ought to be a lizard, but really, meerkats!

    6. Why do you put so much energy into insisting on your own incompetence?

  3. mizkit

    1. Alice in Wonderland with knives is scary.

    2. “Magic”, if you’ll forgive me an Olivia Newton-John song


    4. You know, I don’t remember meeting you IRL for the first time. My online memories generally consist of conversations of good cheer and cameraderie.

    5. Panthers.

    6. What would you do, if you could not fail?

  4. mizkit

    1. You are a GIANT AMONG MEN.

    2. “Red Right Hand”, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

    3. I cannot think of a single damned thing. :)

    4. My first memory of you is that you were frighteningly clever and a fast typist and generally terrifying. I liked you tremendously. In the course of some conversation after I’d been hanging in #64 a while, you said something that prompted me to say “FOUR THOUSAND FEET TALL”, which caused you to take notice of me and we became conversationalists. I was extremely pleased. Still am.

    5. a CAT. OBVIOUSLY.

    6. Are you really terminally shy IRL? You seem to indicate it’s so, but your online presence is so forceful I can hardly imagine it.

  5. mizkit

    1. There is nothing random to say about you; random says there is only chance guiding us, and I know that each moment, each heartbeat, each breath, leads inexorably toward you, as surely as the sun moves through the heavens and the seas shift with the moon.

    2. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset

    3. Bond girls and bad boys in a London that never was.

    4. *foolish little grin*

    (Can I leave it at that?)

    5. Vorpal bunnies.

    6. Which is it, at the core: romantic or cynic?

  6. silkblade


    2-I like that song! I liked Xanadu too, I must admit.


    4-It was at a Halloween party at your place when you lived here in CA, I think. I don’t think you were at Swordspoint, which I believe is where I met (or possibly just saw) Ted for the first time.

    5-*beam* I’m curious why but I’d understand if it was hard to explain. I find these things hard to do.

    6-That’s a good question… I’d quit my job and go back to school (assuming ‘could not fail’ includes having enough money to support myself and my cat).

  7. mizkit

    1. I’m always glad to see you. Okay, that’s not very random, but it is true!

    2. Finding Nemo. :)

    3. You are the Researcher Extraordinare.

    4. IRL, meeting you at Ambar’s. Online, your general presence of kindness.

    5. A penguin!

    6. Why do you so often belittle your daily accomplishments?

  8. mizkit

    1. I think you’re going to be both brilliant and happy at your upcoming occupation.

    2. Calendar Girls

    3. The *best* plans involve *trains*.

    4. You’re one of the few Toofolk I met IRL first. I met you at yours and Tara’s apartment because I knew her and was coming to visit.

    5. A TIGGIE, obviously!

    6. Were the years in America worthwhile?

  9. mizkit

    It’s not that hard to explain, actually–it’s partly that I always think of your hair as being so dark and lush like panther-fur, and also because there’s a general languid strength to them that strikes me as appropriate to you. :)

  10. st_rev

    Basically, I can learn social behaviors, and sometimes this actually gives me an advantage. For instance, performance isn’t any more terrifying to me than ordinary social behavior, and in some ways is easier. But it’s all learned behavior, all mediated via intellect; I have no natural social reflexes, and in unfamiliar contexts I am at a massive disadvantage.

  11. mizkit

    1. Words are good. Especially ones you get paid for. :)

    2. The Last Unicorn.

    3. SKIPPY!

    4. _My_ first clear memory is us hanging out very late on Friday? night at WW, talking and talking and talking. :)

    5. A horse. Probably a Morgan, or a Lippizan.

    6. If you could do it all again, would you change anything?

  12. pers1stence

    RE: #1 – WTF were we thinking?!? Okay, never mind, I *know* what we were thinking and it sure was a hell of a lot of fun, if incredibly silly.

    RE #2 – Were you specifically thinking of the dance at WC Ballroom, when you and I and Liz were the “center of attention”? That’s what it made me think of anyways…

    RE #3 – I presume you burned the MSS?

    RE #4 – It was either that or Dr. Byrd’s class…I can’t remember anymore either.

    RE #5 – *snicker*

    RE # 6 – Damn good question. I’m not sure that there really is one. I think I’m sort of just trying to embrace the journey. The things I most want to attain are things that disappear the harder you pursue them and mostly seem to happen when you get on with life and let them come to you. (Yeah, true love and all that). Everything else is another adventure. (How’s that for a non-answering answer?)

  13. mizkit

    Actually, I thought that was a pretty good answer. It’s a nebulous question. :)

    *laugh*! I hadn’t remembered the WC ballroom specifically but now that you mention it, *laugh*! No, mostly I was just thinking that you’ve always had that kind of wink and kick-ass “raar” thing going when you’ve wanted it, so the song seemed appropriate. :)

  14. mizkit

    All right, because you spoke for her I’ll do one for her if she answers. :) Meantime, since *you* answered…

    1. “That man isn’t wearing any underwear.”

    2. Casablanca.

    3. I don’t think I’ve got a sense-to-you-and-me thing for you!

    4. Llama faces!

    5. …I ought to say “llama”, after that last, but really, more like … wolfhounds.

    6. If Emily were not the kind of ass-kicker she is, do you think you’d have begun really actively purusing a writing career?

  15. mizkit

    Why, thank you!

    1. I think you’re part of the best fairy tale I’ve ever witnessed.

    2. Ladyhawke.

    3. The Pattern couldn’t have made him any more real.

    4. Assassin in the courtyard talking to a bored kid.

    5. Red panda.

    6. Think you’ll ever go back to Kiwiland?

  16. mizkit

    1. Coffee and expressive looks directed Away From The Child. :)

    2. For some reason, “While You Were Sleeping” comes to mind.

    3. The offer for a swirlie still stands.

    4. Unbelieveably, I *know* this one. First memory of you is sitting next to you in the Little Theatre at KCHS watching some show or another, and starting to chat. :)

    5. LEEZARD! Well, no, actually, you don’t *remind* me of a lizard. I just know you like them. :)

    6. What would your idea of the biggest, bestest adventure be?

  17. silkiemom

    2. “Mine?”

    5. Wow, that’s…unexpected. Why?

    6. Probably because my daily accomplishments are tiny boring things like laundry and dishes, and I’m resentful of them because I want them to be big cool accomplishments like “get PhD” or “save the whales” or “come in second at Wimbledon.”

  18. mnarra

    No. No, in fact, without Emily I would be living, quietly desparate, and would eventually have been a lonley, bereft man with only regret for companion.

    That is not a smart-assed answer.

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