I have voted!

I have voted! Have you?

I have also had two doughnuts for breakfast, utterly cancelling out the benefits of having gotten up at 6am and swum for 45 minutes. 1750 yards, and I discovered if I don’t bring a water bottle with me into the pool (I forgot it in the locker room) that I don’t goof around as much. So I’ll not bring the water bottle with me anymore. :)

My ears are full of water.

6 thoughts on “I have voted!

  1. I have not yet voted (I’m going on the way home from work), but, like you, I HAVE already eaten doughnuts this morning, cancelling out the benefits of the gym trip I’m about to make. They were free and I couldn’t help myself!

  2. Mine weren’t free, but after swimming and voting Ted and I were both starving and he wasn’t going to get to eat breakfast at work so, er. We stopped for doughnuts. However, at least I’m not starving anymore. :)

  3. I didn’t get up til 10am (since I didn’t go to bed til 3am), so I sort of skipped that breakfast thing and ran errands instead, and am now eating leftover kidney beans-jasmine rice-fake chicken with cajun seasoning and it’s making my nose run!

  4. We Oregonians are an advanced breed of voter- everybody gets a mail-in ballot. So yeah… I, um, voted about a week ago. And then got my ballot back in the mail because I forgot to sign the envelope. So I signed it and dropped it off at the Courthouse this morning, and some older guy in a line to my right hollered, “Is that Republican?” and I fled.

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