i throw myself on your mercy.

There is no reason for people to do this except I am pleading with them to.

Could people please put youtube video embeds behind tags? My firefox/computer/whatever cannot handle them and going to my flist only to have my browser crash without warning is an exercise in frustration at best, and on a day like I’ve been having today makes me want to go crawl under the bed and cry.

ETA: provided me with this page, which allows you to turn off video embeds in LJ. That worked. I still think it’d be nice if people put video feeds behind cut tags, but at least it’s turned off.

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  1. And I’d second that, not because they crash my iteration of Konqueror, but neither do they run. A link through to YouTube, on the other hand, saves from the dust bunnies, and works for almost everybody…

  2. Opera doesn’t misbehave quite as badly. It just fires up two extra (404) pages each time you refresh.

    Someone else very kindly told me how to disable this, and I will just quote their answer:

    LJ lets you turn off the preview display for embedded videos (here) which, again, gives you no “why”, but a solution to the problem. Until you actually want to watch a video, of course.

    As for how today has been – yes, not good for the SF/Fantasy community.

  3. I hope that that is the extent of today’s bad news. And of this week’s, this month’s, this year’s.

    I didn’t know him, only of him, but I do count among my friends people who counted him among their friends. And he was way too young.

  4. That worked. Thank you.

    My day, compared to people who knew John Ford, has not been bad at all. It hasn’t even been bad under any really defineable measures. It’s just sucked. :p

  5. Happy to make your day a little better. And here’s hoping the rest of the suckage evaporates away.

  6. Sorry if this has come up already, but I run a plugin for Firefox called NoScript, which auto-blocks Java, Flash, etc. on untrusted sites (i.e. until you tell it to go ahead and run them). Very nice.

  7. Yeah, NoScript is excellent. Two thumbs up.

    Kit, I didn’t read this request until just now, but I’ll try to remember it. (I admit I like the convenience of embed videos and I hate the inconvenience of cut tags, but you know, it’s not all just about me.)

  8. I think I must be one of the few freaks who really *doesn’t* like embedded vids. I’d rather decide for myself whether i’m goign to watch it or not, and a link to the site is plenty for that. Of course, it doesn’t matter anyway with my computer, but that’s not exactly the point.

    Which reminds me to go watch that video on Ted’s computer…

  9. Dunno yet. :) I was lusting after it a lot when found that link a few weeks ago…then I went to Whole Foods yesterday, intent to look for Chuao stuff (as they’d notified me that WF was going to start carrying some of their products), I look up, and lo, there was Schokinag Triple Chocolate and Dulce de Leche in the hot chocolate section.

    I bought the triple choco and *was* going to try it yesterday, but it is OMG full of the calories even before you put it in milk, and since I decided to be virtuous and not go v. high points, I didn’t have the POINTS to try it yet.

    Maybe tomorrow night, if I manage to both walk *and* go ice skating. :) And then I will let you know!

    (I *want* to try the European Dark, German Chocolate, and Morrocan spice blends).

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