Icky glasses. They make everything bendy. I will try them another day or so and see if they stop doing this. Sarah says it takes a while to get used to glasses that correct astigmatisms. I never had any astigmatisms /before/ this doctor. :P

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  1. One does not develop an astigmatism unless

    one has had an injury to one’s eye that

    results in an irregularity of the surface.

    You’ve haven’t had that happen. Otherwise

    astigmatisms are present from birth.

    You should go back and tell the idiot that

    the glasses aren’t right.

  2. I didn’t need glasses until I was 12, at which point I did indeed need glasses for astigmatism. So I wouldn’t say present from birth in my case, at least… And I did get used to the glasses after a couple of days. :)

    Quoting a googlesearch: The exact reason for differences in corneal shape remains unknown, but the tendency to develop astigmatism is inherited. For that reason, some people are more prone to develop astigmatism than others.


  3. So, to clarify why I said what I said (and I’m still kind of puzzled, but :)

    I used to have an astigmatism when I was a kid. I have not in recent years heard the eye docs mention anything about it, hence my thinking that they come and go. (And it’s a different eye doc today.)

    ‘course, I smacked my head in jr. high and cracked my eye socket in high school. It is possible that one of those two things led to my eye being ‘fixed’.

  4. of course, the doc could just be wrong. in which case, my presciption is for a second opinion (health insurance might actually cover it…)

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