I’m alive!

I’m alive! Laura and Ben (seen here with a polar bear) arrived safely around noon on Sunday, and we’ve been off gallivanting since then. Most extensively, we gallivanted at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which is very cool and which has 14 foot bowhead whale jaws that you can stand around in or walk around in, if you’re so inclined) and dancing which they invite you to do with them even if you can’t seem to actually stay in time. (You being me in this case; as far as I can tell, Laura was perfect!) We spent a good five hours at the Heritage Center, and it was very cool. :)

We also went to the Renaissance Faire here in Anchorage, which was really pretty awful, but at least we saw Erica, whom we had not seen in ages, and whom we are supposed to Catch Up With next week while she’s still in town but is no longer Renaissancing. Which reminds me, I should email her. There, that’s done now.

We have spent many many hours talking and hanging out and having a very fine time. Last night, because we were all tired and wanted something mindless to do, I made cookies while Ted, Laura and Ben took Chantico for a walk, and then we ate a bunch of cookies and watched The Princess Bride, which really is an *awfully* fine movie. We kept quoting it, of course, and howling with laughter, and cheering, and generally behaving like idiots who were all very happy with the state of things, and we all said we hoped they knew while they were doing it what a very wonderful movie it was, and then we wondered why Cary Elwes has never done anything else worth mentioning, and so on and so forth, and then we slept, because we were real tired, and Laura and Ben went off to Seward today, where they’ll be for 3 days.

When they return, I will have made the Chocolate Death Cake and there will be a birthday-party-like-thing for me, Laura and Shaun, who all have birthdays in the first half of June (well, Laura’s is technically the 16th, but if you’re going to get technical, you’re going to lose all your friends). Go Geminis! :)

This morning I went to the chiro. I had a 10am appt and wasn’t seen until 10:20, and then I had the heat thing on my back for 10 minutes or so, then it stopped its heat thing and I lay there through 4 songs and a full set of commercials before the doctor came back, and it all makes me pissy. Bad scheduling. *snrrr*

Now, um, maybe I’ll do some work. :)

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