I’m baaaaack!

It was an insanely productive weekend. Furthermore, at the end of the insanely productive weekend, I came home to a check from the Donald Maass Agency for more money than I have ever actually seen before at one time in my whole life, so I am *vastly* rewarded for hieing my ass off to a hotel and putting in some 20 hours of editing work over a 41 hour period of time.

This was, in short, a Damned Good Idea.

In longer, Ted and I went to see Laws of Attraction on Friday night. This may be the first movie I’ve ever actually liked Pierce Brosnan in. It was very cute. After the movie, Ted dropped me off at the hotel, where I ordered room service soup and salad and went to work. Room service was the way of the weekend; it was simply the most efficient way to feed myself. The whole idea was that I was there to work, not spend time in the overpriced hotel restaurant. Worked, too.

I did a second read-through of the whole book on Friday night and Saturday morning, doing more edits. I found a rather significant continuity error that nobody’d caught. I went GACK. The second read-through took about 5 hours, not including the walk and the nap I took during it. :) (Apparently I got up too early Saturday morning.) At 1pm Saturday, I broke the book down into 5 chapter chunks and started revising.

By 2pm this afternoon I’d completed 2/3rds of the revisions, added about 15 pages, observed things that I still had to fix but no longer had enough brain to, and was on my way home. I was going to do one more section this afternoon, but after vacuuming, playing City of Heroes, removing the virus from my computer, making dinner, riding my bike, walking the dog, watching Law & Order and picking up dog poop as ways to avoid doing any more editing, I decided I probably wasn’t going to do any more work and that that was okay. :)

It was a good weekend. I’m *really* glad I did this; it really was exactly what I needed. I brought a book with me, but I didn’t read any of it. All I did all weekend was write. Well, and eat and sleep and go on a couple of walks, but mostly I wrote. :)

If I get up in the morning and work on it for the next couple days, and spend a couple hours in the afternoons working, I should be done with the major revisions by Tuesday afternoon. Then I’m going to print it out AGAIN and do ANOTHER edit, fixing the stuff that I currently am aware needs fixing but I have too little brain to deal with, and then…

Then I shall print it out YET AGAIN and give a copy to my mom to see if she’ll read it for continuity, and I’ll probably ask Sarah and Silkie to do that too, and … then I’ll be done. *tud* The goal is to be done by the 15th. Yep. That’s the goal. o.o

It was a good weekend. :)

ytd miles biked: 64.5
miles to Rivendell: 426
ytd wordcount: I’ll let you know when the revisions are done.

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  1. Congratulations! It sounds like the weekend was an inspired success, and the biggest chunk of money you’ve ever gotten at one time can’t be bad, either :)

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