I’m back!

I’m back! I’m back! The house is coming together! Well. Uhm. Which is to say, the kitchen is pretty much unpacked although it ended up a disaster again yesterday, the living room is more or less unpacked *and* there’s artwork up, and I kept trying to unpack the bedroom last night and I kept opening boxes and looking at what was in them and thinking, “Well, *this* doesn’t make any sense,” and trying to find boxes that did.

Things that need to be changed about the house:

1. The bathrooms have no medicine cabinets. They have cupboards and drawers, but no medicine cabinets. This Will Not Do.

2. The frelling kitchen has a lightswitch on the wall outside the kitchen but not one on the left-hand side when you walk *into* the kitchen, which is the place the kitchen light obviously *should* be.

3. There is nothing like enough lighting in the living room. We’re looking for little lamps that we like so we can put them on top of the stereo speakers, which should help.

4. There are no shelves anywhere. :) We’re working on this one, though. :)

When the people were coming in to look at the apartment, some of them said, “You’re going to take the shelves down, aren’t you?” in a sort of nervous way, and we said yes we were, but I don’t understand how anybody could not *want* an apartment that comes complete with 200 linear feet of shelving! I mean, where do they put their *books*!?

So the cable guy came this morning and now we have cable and we have a cable modem and we have um. A house that’s only partly put together, but it’s OURS!

I made cookies yesterday, and I’m very pleased with the new oven. And apparently I’ve successfully made a loaf of bread in the breadmaker, which is good, and there was something else I was going to say but I’ve completely forgotten what it was, so I’m going to go put the puppy out for a while and … read the story bits that Sarah sent me. Yay!

3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. my husband owns no books. Those he does have are all about constructing decks, kitchens, how to use autocad, etc.

    he keeps saying, “what’s in this box?”

    “Books.” I reply.

    “Well, what are you going to do with them?”

    “But them on bookshelves you say you’re going to get.”

    Oh yea.

    And I agree all light switches should be on the inside – but in Boston all the bathroom light switches were on the outside. Buh.

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