Incidentally, although I’m somewhat hesitant to make any promises, the comments pages should no longer crash Netscape.

2 thoughts on “incidentally

  1. i really dig the picture at the top of the page, btw.

    and since you confirmed i was right about the date….

    Happy Anniversary (now slightly belated) to you and Ted!!!!!

    (for those of you who weren’t there, i’d like to note, they had the shortest wedding ceremony every….i was 5 minutes late – not my fault- and i got there after it was over….apparently they started on time….) heck of a party afterwards though….

  2. Thank you! Both for the compliment about the photo, which I took and therefore am quite smug about, and for the anniversary wishes!

    *laugh* Mary Anne, if you know me at *all*, you should know that nothing pisses me off like a show starting late. Besides, the university bells went off at 2pm, so it wasn’t like we could *miss* what time it was! We had to start on time!

    It was, however, the shortest wedding ceremony in the universe. :)

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