incredibly frustrating, yet funny

Does it not seem obvious that if yesterday all the sites had a graphic in place, and today they do not, that this is not an HTML problem but is some kind of database problem? Particularly, let me clarify, as the banners are called dynamically, rather than being hard coded. It goes and says ‘this is a senior health page, that means (this banner) should be called’. QA keeps goddamned assigning problems like that back to HTML. In *extreme* frustration, I finally talked to my project manager about it:

me: When all the graphics on all the sites suddenly go missing at once and they were working yesterday?

me: It really, really shouldn’t take more than an instant’s guess, much less a minute’s research, to determine that this is very probably not an HTML problem and is much, much more likely to be a database problem on QA.

pm: aha- yes I think QA has been looking into that very possibility-

me: I’m laboring under the perhaps mistaken impression that it is in fact QA’s job to go look and see if that is the case, rather than automatically assigning the bug to HTML without any research.

me: Because like I said, while I understand that everyone is tired, I am also tired, and getting things like that makes me say very, very bad words in endless repetition.

pm: yes- I see your frustration. Let me check in with QA and see what the process is

pm: –maybe you need to learn more bad words

pm: so you don’t have to repeat them as often

I feel somewhat better after that. :) Actually, the PM was very helpful and perhaps it will help make this not happen in the future.


  1. Janne

    I like to swear in german when really upset. Nothing like german for a good swear. Lets see…

    Verflixt (und zugenagelt!)

    … and a couple of others I won’t try to spell without umlauts =)

    Oh, and my favorite klingon insult…
    Bach ghlchraj!

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