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Went to gym class tonight, which was good. It’s not that it’s a particularly exciting class or anything, but it does make a person go to the gym, at least. Especially is one is married to a full-time student who doesn’t skip classes. Without Ted I fear I would be much less attentive. Bad Kit. -.- Fortunately, I have Ted, and so I’m going to gym class. And sweating like a little piggy wig.

Despite rampant baking failures, I feel like making cookies. This is partly because I have no other plans for the evening and partly because, well, I want to eat some cookies. :) Instead–well, possibly ‘in addition to’, to tell the truth–I’m going to pay bills. Because it’s the 15th, and I Really Know How To Have Fun.

No writing today. I Just Didn’t Feel Like It. As I am 20K ahead, I think I can afford to skip a day.

We rented *laugh* Cody Banks: Secret Agent last night and watched it,and it was pretty entertaining. We also rented Spy Games with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt (which is to say, the movie has them in it, not that they were at the movie store renting it with us, which is a terrible pity, isn’t it?), but we haven’t watched that one yet.

I wonder if there’s something playing at Bear Tooth tonight that I wanted to watch. Hrm. *checks* Oh, good, no. :) But next week, hrm, if there’s … crap. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is playing, but between … oh, wait, no gym class next week, it’s spring break. Maybe I can catch an early show before the RWA meeting. That’d be cool.

Stream of consciousness, anyone?

ytd miles biked: 37.5

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  1. what kind of gym class did you go to?
    are you a member of the alaska club (i think you are….)? you should check out Dave’s yoga class if you are, and if he still teaches there. it’s nice. i haven’t taken it in several years, but i remember really liking it. :)

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