interview questions from sarah!

Interview questions from Sarah, behind the cut. :) Good questions, too!

1. What would make you put down the pen, or step away from the keyboard, and make you never write another word in your life. Is there anything?

…massive brain trauma is about the only thing I can think of.

2. Who’s the better kisser, Gambit or Wolverine? :) Purely speculation, of course. We all know they’re not real.

They’re *not*? Wah! Erm. Oh dear. That’s a hard question. o.o Ga.. W.. Ga… I donno. O.O :) Depends on what kind of kiss you’re after! Gambit for pure sensual seduction, Wolvie for a hundred percent RAAR.

3. Just how much *is* Legion worth? Did you ever decide whether there was a number large enough that would make you wash your hands of creative control?

I have never had anybody offer me a million dollars for anything. It is possible in the face of that much money, I would become weak in the knees (or in the head) and give it up.

I wouldn’t count on it, though.

4. Reincarnation exists. You’ve lived past lives. Who have you been in ages past that has most shaped the person that you are now.

Wow. Interesting question. The person that I am now is someone apparently gifted with extraordinary confidence and an expectation that what you put into the universe is what you get out of it.

If the point of reincarnation is to keep living lives over again until you get it right, I’d say that in the past, perhaps a long time ago indeed, I was someone very weak and afraid. Someone whose own confidence was so low that it would allow me to betray myself and others out of fear and uncertainty. A Benedict Arnold, if you will.

Flip side to that: something akin to a Knight Templar. Overweeningly arrogant and confident in my own power, to the detriment of those around me.

Someone terribly devout, probably tremendously poor; it seems to me that the most devout are often the ones who have the least. The belief that the universe returns to you what you put into it has to come from somewhere; maybe it’s old faith.

Flip side of that: hey, y’know, being worshipped as a god might be fun. Maybe I was a Cortez or someone for whom the only reasonable explanation seemed to be divinity.

5. What’s the one question you never want to get asked in author interviews? Not because it’s been asked a million times, i.e. how’d you get your start, but because it’d chase readers away?

“So, Ms. Murphy, I understand that you think people who read sf/f are purile fools who never bathe and whose mothers smell of elderberries. Would you like to comment on that?”

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  1. So do I, and I’m not sure what an elderberry smells like, but I doubt my mother smells like it!

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