Introducing Sophia the First

Not that we expect more Sophias. She’s named after a Disney princess. :)

I decided rather suddenly this week that we needed a cat, and since the animal rescue was having an adoption day on Saturday, we went in to look at “Tiggles”, who had been with them since December because she HAAAAAAAAAATED adoption days and curled into the corner of the cage and hissed and spat at anybody who came near. She’s been fostered at one of the rescuers’ homes, though, and they swore she was charming and sweet outside of the kennel, and, importantly, an adult (she’s 3.5 years old) who doesn’t mind small children, and I believed them. We took her home, renamed her Sophia, and now we have a lovely cat.

Sophia, lounging. :)

Radiators are best.

Watching birds out the window.

Sophia immediately displays a cat’s natural antipathy to a human having a laptop instead of a cat on their lap.

“Hey!” said Indy. “I want to be in that picture!”


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  1. Sophia is beautiful! And the new book looks very intriguing. Can’t wait for it!

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