it’s a /mhess/!

So Ted and I went to lunch with Alex, who used to be one of Ted’s coworkers, until she got laid off last Friday. Alex is great. I like her a lot. She’s got a little girl named Lauren who has amazingly clear green eyes and her mother’s otherwise Asian/Caucasian mix features. Gorgeous little girl. She wasn’t at lunch, though.

We went to the tapas restaurant in town which doesn’t really serve tapas, but which has a very cute waiter complete with an outrageous Inigo Montoya accent. Since we went to have tapas, we felt it reasonable to ask why there was no real tapas. Our waiter started to explain, then flung his hands up and said, “Aaaah, it whaaas a /mhess/!”

The problem, he further explained, was with *Americans*, who want a fast lunch, not to sit around hanging out and chatting and ordering little bits of food, and even if they’re willing to order little bits of food, there’s only one chef, so he was going nuts trying to manage tapas-sized meals in very short amounts of time.

So we ordered just regular meals. Which were very good. But I want to go back to the place just to keep listening to that guy, oh my god. Alex, swooningly, said, “Man, sell me a car, I don’t care, just as long as I can listen to him,” after he went away one of the times, and Ted said, “Sell me a car and *drrrrrrrive* me home!” I mean, *wow*, what a fantastic accent. And he was cute, too! Sort of Chrisberish, only taller and wider across the shoulders and with a mustache, and I want to go back often enough to get to know him so I can get him to say ‘Hallo! My name is Inigo Montoya…!” :)

Snfrt. Small fussy problems with the closing paperwork for the haus. They want a copy of the earnest money check showing that it cleared, because they’re not happy about the random deposits that aren’t paychecks into our account and so they want to make sure the money was actually there. I have this urge to go, “What_ev_er!” but I won’t because it really annoys me. *snrt*

2 thoughts on “it’s a /mhess/!

  1. So, you’re making up for not posting at all, yesterday, right?

    I think you should try to convince the cute waiter with the great accent that you would like tapas the way it is supposed to be, and that they should have tapas in the evening, if only for you (and all the people you would bring with you, of course).

  2. Mortgage people are like that, wanting to see that you can actually afford to buy a house and all. *bites them* You’ll get there. I have faith! :)

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